Self Initiated Brief or SIB was a unit set in Sidnie's final year of University which was solely based around CAD, using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and building online presence.


The brief was to design a small collection (digitally) which existing designers in mind: Stella McCartney and Topshop.. based  around two WGSN forecasted trends:



AW/19 'Humanature' with subcategories such as 'Traditional Textiles and Embroideries', 'Nomadic Traveller', 'Utilitarian' and 'Landscape Camouflage'; which Sidnie interpreted as her own theme 'Crafted Geometrics' by creating geometric prints inspired by traditional tapestry artwork.



 SS/19 'In Touch' with subcategories such as 'Platonic Dreams', 'New Intimacy', 'Cellular Structure' and 'Altered State': which Sidnie interpreted as her own theme 'Delicate Dreams' by creating prints inspired by natural states of leaves and using the term 'New Intimacy' to influence soft and draped fabric choices as well as lace and lingerie inspired shapes.